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A lover of all things natural

Ashleigh has joined the Young Living Revolution
Member #14806839

Ashleigh's desire to live a clean and green life does not just extend to food; she has also endorsed and has become a distributor of Young Living Products.   Get in touch for a free sample or to book a party (obligation free). 

Though many companies call themselves 'natural' or 'green', Young Living lives up to the claim:  You can find an ingredient list for every product on its website, plus in depth descriptions of the company's farming practices. Young Living have inspired millions of people everywhere to experience nature's gifts of wellness.

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As a customer: When you join Young Living as a customer, you need to order 50PV per month to keep your account active.

As a Member: Once you join as a member and purchase a Starter Kit, you:

*Have access to the products at 24% off, as well as the other benefits of Essential Rewards.

*Need to order 100PV to be a distributor, including to participate in the compensation plan and earn commissions.

When you enroll someone else, you receive a payment of $50USD.  This is comprised of:-

1. Starter ​kit bonus:  $25USD

2. Fast start bonus: $25USD which is 25% of the 100PV starter kit.   

You earn 25% commission on what your enrollee orders for the first 3 months, then it drops down to 8% after that.  If your enrollees enroll further people, you earn 10% of their monthly PV order.

Retail earnings: When you personally sponsor retail customers, you may earn the 24% difference between the retail and wholesale price for their orders.

Unilevel Bonus: Unilevel is a term used to define the percentage of commission earned for each level. Once you reach 100 PV each month, you earn 8% on the PV of each member on the first level, 5% on the second level, and 4% on the third through fifth levels.

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Let’s talk Essential Rewards! Or ER as you’ll come to know it. When you join Young Living with a Starter Kit, you have the ability to join ER.

ER is a ‘monthly loyalty program’ that allows you to purchase Young Living products at 24% off the retail value.  You get to choose what you order & what date it’s delivered to you each month. You can change what’s in your order at any time, there are no contracts & no ties. ​

In addition to receiving 24% off the retail price for products you can buy through ER, you also get a percentage of your spend back each month which is given to you in points. You can then spend those points on product!!

Here’s how the points work:

Months 1-3: 10% back

Months 4-24: 20% back

Months 25 onward: 25% back

Young Living speak in ‘PV’ (personal volume) instead of dollars, as they are worldwide & the dollar value of products differs from country to country. Each product has it’s own PV. Orange Oil for example is 11PV, or $16.99AUD

The only requirement for ER is that you spend 50PV a month. If you are growing a business with Young Living, or want to receive the loyalty gifts, the minimum is 100PV.

You may be wondering how am I going to spend 100PV per month? You could slowly start replacing all of the toxic chemicals in my home with plant based products, as Young Living don’t just do oils! They make amazing plant based cleaning products, essential oil infused supplements, Savvy mineral make up (non toxic!), baby products, skin and hair care & the famous Ningxia Red drink!

When you replacement buy, you will accrue points for products that you would have been buying regardless, however with YL the products are non toxic, better for the environment & actually good for your family's health.​

You can choose to spend your points as soon as you hit your second month with ER, or you can save them up & spend them on something you really want to try!

It doesn’t stop there either. Each month Young Living bring out promos! These differ from country to country, however they are always amazing & FREE.  You need to hit a certain PV to qualify for the promos.

Let’s just recap-you get points back from money you were spending anyway, you get all the YL products at 24% off the retail price AND you get FREE product on top of that (if you hit the PV)).

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